Monday, September 25, 2006

Global Warming, A Politician’s Dream

Are you ready for the US government to meddle in your life in ways you never dreamed possible? If panic stricken Global Warming zealots get Al Gore and other left-leaning control freaks elected, hide your car. If there is anything worse than a liberal do-gooder it is a globally activated do-gooder. Government is always looking for ways to be invasive and to gain manipulative control over how you choose to live. Global Warming panic is a wonderful tool for government. The media loves to talk about it. Liberals and lefties can feel good to the bone about fixing the problem. Oh yes, there is much to love about Global Warming. Seldom have politicians been handed such a energizing gift.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

America – Don’t take the Heat

America must never take the blame for global warming. America bashing may feel good to our leftists, and to liberals abroad but it is foolhardy. If the liberal media keeps echoing the blame everyday, eventually the ignorant masses will start to consider it to be a decisive issue in the election of public officials. This puts America in grave danger, including you in particular. If this drumbeat continues unchecked America may default into signing the Kyoto treaty or other similar misguided confining legislation. If America enters into a global treaty on climate change prevention, get ready to lose your car, your house and the shirt of your back.

Kyoto – Don’t take my Coke

President Bush correctly rejected mandatory controls on carbon dioxide, the primary gas in coca-cola now being blamed for Global Warming. The president has wisely kept the country out of the stingy Kyoto treaty. This anti-western, anti-industrial treaty called for mandatory reductions of coca-cola use among the signing nations. The pact would have severely harmed the U.S. consumer. The treaty allowed most of the developing world, including giants India and China to continue to use coca-cola in abundance.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Global Warming, not new, can’t stop

It is rather sad that the secular left finds so much joy in Global Warming. However, given that the theory of man-made Global Warming is a farce, I too have to smile. The secular left seems to have conveniently forgotten that we currently live in an Ice Age.

I live on the Chesapeake Bay. I have Global Warming to thank for the beautiful Severn River. The Severn River was just a minor creek that the Native Americans could easily ford 15,000 years ago. Since that time the sea level has risen over 60 feet. The beautiful Chesapeake and all its myriad tributaries are a gift of Global Warming. Without Global Warming New York and Baltimore would never have become great cities let alone major ports. Luckily, we live in a modern climate that represents a very short, warm period between glacial advances.

Global Warming began when the human population of the Earth was under ten million. I doubt seriously that their ancient campfires contributed seriously to the problem. It is certain that humans are much better off as our current ice age comes to an end then they were during its height 20,000 years ago. Ice ages are not always the norm for planet Earth but over the past 2 million years we’ve had dozens. That humans developed during an Ice Age is perhaps just an unlucky coincidence. It may well be that the ending of our current Ice Age is what spurred our civilization flourish so rapidly.

Ironically, it took humans about the same length of time to arrive at the arrogant conclusion that they actually brought about the end of the current Ice Age. I don’t know about you, but it makes me proud to know that Ice Ages are under man’s direct control. All we have to do to bring back the glaciers to York, PA, London and Paris is to stop burning fossil fuels. To the extent that the planet has now come under our direct control may I suggest that Global Warming is the preferred alternative to Global Cooling.

So, when it comes to fossil fuels, burn baby burn!